Thursday, August 4, 2011

Finally doing it!!

Well Im finally getting around to taking sissies underwear, I put his underwear in the locked safe "which only I have a key to" and put all his pretty little panties in his draw along with his 1 bra, and 1 pair of stockings I'm sure he will be acquiring more soon though especially when winter gets here, I've been thinking about when its not 100 degrees outside and hubby can go back to wearing pants, having him wear pantyhose most of the time, and probably make him wear his little silk bra out more too when he can wear something a little heavier than a lite t-shirt. Here's a couple pictures I just took when I got done a few minutes ago. I cant wait for him to come home a NOT find his underwear...hehe.
Hubby and I were talking last night about not being able to have punishment sessions as much as we'd like because of the kids, and he mentioned why not go outside when they go bed so we don't have to be all "quite". I thought it was a great idea, making my little sissy go outside in just his panties or lingerie to get Then I also thought it would be a great time to maybe incorporate the handcuffs we have, could maybe leave him handcuffed to the rail for a while, while I go back inside to relax and just take the day off. I'll have to do that and take some pictures for you guys. Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions that you would like to see, or that may make it a little more fun me to do to him. I love when I get new ideas from viewers, its like ah ha why didn't I think of that? It just helps me grow into my dominate role I think to learn new ideas and things to humiliate sissy, so keep em coming.....Thanks, -P