Thursday, August 4, 2011

Finally doing it!!

Well Im finally getting around to taking sissies underwear, I put his underwear in the locked safe "which only I have a key to" and put all his pretty little panties in his draw along with his 1 bra, and 1 pair of stockings I'm sure he will be acquiring more soon though especially when winter gets here, I've been thinking about when its not 100 degrees outside and hubby can go back to wearing pants, having him wear pantyhose most of the time, and probably make him wear his little silk bra out more too when he can wear something a little heavier than a lite t-shirt. Here's a couple pictures I just took when I got done a few minutes ago. I cant wait for him to come home a NOT find his underwear...hehe.
Hubby and I were talking last night about not being able to have punishment sessions as much as we'd like because of the kids, and he mentioned why not go outside when they go bed so we don't have to be all "quite". I thought it was a great idea, making my little sissy go outside in just his panties or lingerie to get Then I also thought it would be a great time to maybe incorporate the handcuffs we have, could maybe leave him handcuffed to the rail for a while, while I go back inside to relax and just take the day off. I'll have to do that and take some pictures for you guys. Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions that you would like to see, or that may make it a little more fun me to do to him. I love when I get new ideas from viewers, its like ah ha why didn't I think of that? It just helps me grow into my dominate role I think to learn new ideas and things to humiliate sissy, so keep em coming.....Thanks, -P


  1. Princess,

    Learning to be the HOH and taking charge of your hubby is a difficult process. The key part to all this is that You love him and need to start realizing that Your Rules help mold him into the type of spouse that benefits You, him, and your family. It sounds like he needs real training to be Your proper hubby. Your the Boss...he will always push the limits like a child tests their parents. It's up to You to provide him firm, loving guidance. His male ego and prick are still ruling him and he has no control of these forces....that's why he needs You to take control. As far as otk spankings go...for discipline he should cry or have real tears forming. He needs structure and Your love and strength. You need to decide what You and your family need from Your submissive spouse for the good of everyone.


  2. There was one blog where the mistress cut the pockets out of his pants and handcuffed him inside the pants. They then went to lunch. All he could do was watch.

  3. I think just having him handcuffed to the rail, wearing only his panties, bra and stockings, would do for starters. Maybe you should blindfold him, place a pair of soiled knickers over his head, so that his smelling the gusset, and then place one of your shoes over his face so that his nose is pressed into it's heel. Then tell him that you are going to leave him there for an hour, so that he can think only of you and how best he can please you. Before you let him go, make him tell you what he is going to do to please you. If your not satisfied, make him stay there for another 15 minutes, repeat until you are satisfied with his answers.

    It's a great way to get him to associate things he must do for you with your scent, panties, and shoes. You can then use these items in different ways to reinforce this message and make him become more submissive and compliant to your needs.

    I to am laerning how to train my husband, this works well for me.

    Can't wait to see the pictures lol

    Ms Helen

  4. Princess,
    I'm wondering why you are keeping SO many pairs of underwear for sissy? Have you considered only keep 1 or 2 pairs MAX? The way I see it is, the more he has, the more he will talk you into allowing him to wear them. My husband tried the same thing but I just threw all of undies out so that now he HAS to wear panties, no choices. He started complaining and saying (but what if I have to go to the doctor or something?), well simple ... I allow him the wear his dark colored panties to such places. I mean really, who cares if they know he wears panties? and chances are no one is going to notice any way.

    My Bitch and I have only been in a FLR relationship for about 9 months, so I know allot of the stuff you are going through right now, here are some suggestions.

    First off - You have to get the mindset that YOU are in charge, not him any more.
    Once you get that down pat, the rest comes easy.

    Secondly - for this to really work for you, Ive found it that to get the best results ... KEEP HIM HORNY! I started out with my bitches chastity 1-2 weeks and am now keeping him locked with absolutely no cumming for about 2 months at a time now ... and it is GREAT. But remember you cant just lock him and forget about him, you have to tease him (keep him on edge) just little things work for this, for example ... show him your breast but DONT allow him touch (thats only for special occasions now). Does he have a foot fetish? most guy do. if so allow him to sniff your feet/socks/shoes. Something my husband loves is for me to take my socks off and shove them in his mouth and make him keep them in there (usually I do for around an hour or so). Allow him to lick your ass and or vagina. Even the really small things that you wouldn't really think would work will keep him horny when his locked, such as ... the way you speak to him (with that demanding tone), a simple brush of your hand or foot over his trapped penis, a kiss, just anything really. My point is just because he is locked, doesn't mean you should forget about it.

    Now for some punishments. Here are some I like to use, OTK knee spanking (I recommend about 10 lite warm ups, then start hard until you see tears or hear a real cry), extended butt plug time, nipple clamps, wearing panties/stockings/ and bra out to the local stores, smack his balls (their tougher than they appear, they can take a good smacking), strap-on (and make him suck it too), licking you clean after bathroom visits, perhaps a nice glass of "golden nectar" (I like to put a funnel in his mouth a pee into the funnel, that way he HAS to swallow it), corner time, diapers (I don't let him GO in them, because I don't want to clean him, but they are EXCELLENT humiliation especially in public). And there's so much more I can go on and on. You just have to learn what works best with the two of you.

    P.S. one last thing ... WHEN you do allow him to cum, ALWAYS make him lick it up no matter where he squirts. I always make my bitch lick his mess up and it works great to get him back down from his "hi-horse" and back as my bitch. He knows every time when he gets to cum that he has to clean up, that kind of takes away the fun and makes him not beg to cum so much.

    I hope this helps you a little bit Princess, like I said earlier, I know what your going through right now, but I promise if you just put a little bit into it, you will LOVE the results as your sissy learns his role.

  5. Love your new lingerie drawer for sissy!
    Ms. Helen's idea about being handcuffed to the rail is pretty darn hot...omg!
    Look forward to hearing his reaction to this.
    You'll probably need that funnel...
    And yes, I think he needs a bigger lingerie collection, lol!

  6. I've taken all hubby's male underwear away too. Like the photo of his drawer, I'll take one of my hubby's lingerie draw now so they can compare :)

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