Wednesday, September 28, 2011


WOW... I cant believe its been this long since my last post. Things kind of got put on the back burner for a while during the last month or so due to personnel reasons, BUT, things are getting back to "normal" and were doing good at "re-establishing" our WLM.  For one... remember how I had locked sissies male underwear in the safe so he would have them just in case? Well that is no longer, I went ahead and just completely got rid of (put in the garbage) all of his manly looking underwear. Now he is truly my panty wearing sissy, and also another plus from this is I don't have to hear ( can I wear my underwear today...please?) well no you can't you have a choice of panties OR panties..LOL.
We had also let him wearing his chastity slip during the last month or so, so we are just recently getting back to that as well. currently he has had it on for 5 days out of his 30 day lock up. I figured we would have to start all over with getting him comfortable in it to were he would have to keep taking it off and putting it back on to "stretch" his balls as he would say, but Its been 5 days straight with no discomfort so I think were good for the entire 30 days. Now I just CANNOT wait for him to do something to disobey me so I can lay that paddle to his his ass as its been a while since that bottom has seen any action..heehee.
So any way that's my little update to kind of let you all know what has been going on. Till the next time -P


  1. Glad to see you are back! Its great that things are getting back to the way they need to be for you guys! I wonder, on one of your previous posts you mentioned having problems putting sissy back in his chastity after a release, have you considered only allowing him ruined orgasms? Or maybe perhaps even humiliating releases? Examples- have sissy get on all fours and pull his little sissy dick back between his legs and slowly milk him and drip all his cum onto a saucer (small plate) and then make him clean it. Or maybe you can tie him up, blind fold him and then milk him, after he cums force him to eat it. At this point you can ask him if he is ready to be re-chaste, if he answers no then simply leave the room for a while leaving him tied and blindfolded, give it 30 minutes to an hour and go see if he is ready to lock up now. I can almost guarantee he will willingly lock himself back up. Sometimes it just takes a little motivation to get the sub back into his submissive stat after a release. Also I have found the following to help get my sissy back in chastity after a release- he must always always no matter were/on what/or in what must lick all of cum clean ( this helps to immediately put him in his place again), also if the release is at bedtime, you should never ever allow him to "wait until morning to lock" make him put it on before he goes to sleep! Thats just a little bit of my incite for you, Ive noticed that several of the Mistresses/Princesses/Dominatrix etc.. have been disappearing from the blog sphere and I just hate to see people end their WLM'S or FLM's. Just stick with it and keep your sissy under control and believe me you will rep the benefits after a good baseline has been set and your sissy learns his boundaries (around 3 months) from my experience. WELCOME BACK!

  2. quick question: would you want to cheat on your husband or cuckold him?


  3. Glad to see your back on! I had just discovered your blog then seemed like you just disappeared...... I've been waiting anxiously for your return lol. Something I've just recently found that I like is having my subby rim me after going to the bathroom or licking me clean after a pee. If you haven't tried it already you should. Its a fantastic feeling, and it definitely puts my subby in his place. Can't wait to hear more from you!!!

  4. Thanks to everyone who welcomed me back. Feels great to know that people actually enjoy the blog.
    Anonymous #1 Thank you for your ideas I will have to try them over the next few times I let sissy out for a stretch. I like the idea of making him clean his mess everytime,and I have done that a few times but sometimes it actually kind of grosses me out to watch him do I guess maybe I should just turn my head or something and make him do it everytime any ways.... its something to work on at least.

    Anonymous #2 No thats not something Id would be interested in doing. It might be something I could tease or taunt him about but not something I would really do. Im a 1 man kind of woman. Thanks for the question though.

    Anonymous #3 HAHA do you really make him clean you after going to the bathroom? I can see having him lick me clean after peeing but not sure about the other.... now I do like to have sissy lick my anus but when its clean. Perhaps I could use him as sort of a bidet after I've wiped...LOL
    THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENTS!! getting feedback is what makes this blog worth doing.