Thursday, July 28, 2011

To At all times:
I think you are right on a lot of your opinions. I was thinking that maybe the reason he wasn't putting his device back on as I told him too was because he wanted more from me. I was just afraid that maybe he was steering away from this kind of lifestyle already and I wasn't sure how to approach him about it. I really like your idea about having rules that he must obey before allowing him to be released.I will try coming up with a list of rules and post them tomorrow for your opinion.  I think that will really give us a more 'for real' FLR. I have to come up with a hiding spot for his male underwear as he can find anything. I do have a lock box though that could work since I would be the key holder to that too!! It took me a long time to even consider this kind of lifestyle, so it may take a while for your wife to come around.  I started to enjoy it more when I wasn't struggling to get the house work done all the time, and then I was getting a lot more pleasure...ohhhhh yeah!!! :) I think the spanking is something that I am going to have to work on. He keeps saying that he wants me to start out softer and then get hard, but whats the fun in that? If I am going to spank him I want him to feel it right away!! I get about 15 whacks in and then he is begging me to stop. Although, he has never had any blisters so maybe he is just being a pussy. I guess it will be a punishment that will take some practice.

To Subservient Husband:
Wow! A whole year? Not so sure that I could handle that. Three months sounds like an eternity to me. I know its because we are just new at this, maybe in time I can do the year but for now, I cannot imagine going without sex for that long! About the doctor issue....I don't think that would work for us. I work in the medical field and I don't want that getting out in the open for everyone to know, cause even though HIPPA is out there, people would still talk. Otherwise,  I think that would be a great idea as it would be humiliating for him.

Thanks for all the great ideas and comments, it makes it so much more fun to actually have to people to share with and just talk to. Thanks again -P


  1. If you would like any help with your list, I would be happy to. i can't say whay your hubby may like but I may have some idea.

    I think with the spanking it depends on whether you want to punish or just use it as a pleasurable way of expressing your dominance. I think that most subs think that they would enjoy being spanked, partly because it puts them in a submissive position to their wives, just by accpeting that they will "punish" them, being made to bend over or put across your wife's knees is a powerful expression. As for the spanking itself, the same would also be true of the spanking as long as its not too painful. If you go straight in and hit hard from the start then it's just punishment and painful, the submissive buzz only coming well after you may have finished.

    If you want to combine the two, the list of rules and a spanking, after initially giving him the rules and telling him he must learn them. The next week when he has to recit them from memory, make him do so whilst bent over and ready to be spanked. For every rule he has forgotten, or is not word perfect on, tell him he will get 5 smacks, I will leave how hard to you.

  2. At all times- Im really liking some of your ideas, it would be great of you to sure some rules ideas as Im having a little bit of a hard time coming up with very many. Thanks so much for your input. - P

  3. Princess - I will have a think about this and see what I can come up with. In the meantime have a look at the following, and think about what you would like from your relationship, and what it is that your husband may want.

    A Wife

    Wants to feel loved
    Wants attention
    Wants to be respected
    Wants to be cared for
    Wants to be listened to
    Wants a happy home
    Wants to feel secure in their relationship
    Wants to enjoy a good sex life when and how it suits them
    Wants to please their husband
    Wants to feel that they are satisfying their husband’s sexual needs

    A Submissive Husband

    Wants to feel dominated
    Wants to feel controlled
    Wants to feel subservient
    Wants to feel that his wife is enjoying and encouraging his submission
    Wants to feel humiliated
    Wants to be punished
    Wants to be dealt with “harshly” or “strictly”
    Wants to be denied orgasms
    Wants to be teased, sexually aroused
    Wants to please their wife
    Wants to feel that they are satisfying their wife’s sexual needs
    Wants to feel that their wife is enjoying being in control and using her feminine sexuality and “dominant” side to encourage their submission

  4. Here are ten general rules that you might want to use, plus any more specific ones that you may want to add. Walk the dog, clean car, serve breakfast in bed, massages, whatever you want. Hope these help?

    1) Remain attentive, devoted, and obedient to my Princess at all times.
    2) Carry out all domestic chores as directed by my Princess, always maintaining a high standard.
    3) Never argue or disagree, talk back or get angry with my Princess.
    4) Be prepared to demonstrate my obedience and service to my Princess at all times,
    5) To be locked permanently in my chastity device, only to be released by my Princess when she decides that I have earned to be released or when she wants to use me.
    6) Never to orgasm without my Princesses express permission.
    7) Be prepared to submit myself to be punished by my Princess for any failings or to teach me to be a better and more devoted husband.
    8) Respond quickly and politely to all commands, never keep my Princess waiting.
    9) To wear panties at all times, unless my Princess gives me permission not to.
    10) Be prepared to satisfy my Princesses sexual needs and desires, when and however she wants.

  5. Great ideas! :)
    I think the male-underwear "lockbox" is a great idea, btw! On the spanking, sometimes if you just want to GIVE it to him, go for it! Other times, you may want to hold back.
    Having him recite "I'm a little teapot" also would be nice as a fun little punishment, lol! :)

  6. Hi, just found your blog, don't have time at the moment to read it thoroughly, but it's a great idea to have a blog and to exchange ideas and get help with your little troubles along the way.
    Good luck, I'll add you to my watched list.