Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How do I enforce it

Sooo, Hubby hasn't been very willing to go back in his cage since last time I took it off for just a bit of tease. I decided to be nice and let him put it back on the next morning. Problem is, morning came and went, then days came and went. He just keeps saying I will tonight, or I will in the morning.  I love having his little penis locked up because he's just so much more "willing". But my problem is I also like to touch, tease, and FEEL his dick, so I just keep letting him out with the intent of it just being for a little while to tease him or maybe even feel him inside me with out him cumming, but it always ends up being days before he locks back up willingly. So my question I guess any of you fellow readers had this problem? and if so how have you solved it? Also he keeps trying to wear the few pair of underwear that I allowed him to keep for "special events". I want him to wear his sissy panties at all times unless something comes up, such as a doctors visit or family gathering or something of that matter.....I mean it would really embarrassing for BOTH of us if one of the family saw him in pink panties, know what I mean? Thats why I like to let him keep a few pair of underwear but how do I keep him from trying to wear them all the time??
And the punishments...... I like to spank sissy when I can (we do have kids, so cant all the time), but when Im spanking him and start to see the red marks that makes me think thats enough, right?? But I always see other peoples post were they will spank like 60 times or somewhere around there, but I'm afraid I'm going to cause damage if I just keep on going much farther than the red marks....does anyone have experience with this??? I mean can I just keep on spanking until he cry's no matter how purple his little ass get's or?? Whats the guidelines on something like that? Is there any other punishment that would be good at really grabbing his attention and saying...hey DONT do that again other than spankings?
                             This is what feel like doing to him....just shoving one
                               of my dirty socks in his mouth so he cant scream,
                                       and just way laying into him...hehe

Well sorry for the Q and A type post guys, but now you know what I've been dealing with. I guess most new FLR's go through this type of thing but I just want to know how to get things back in order because I love being the one in charge of things......I just need some help getting there. Thanks and hope to hear from you real soon -P


  1. I don't see why you should be having these problems. If your husband wants a FLR then he should be willing to submit to your rules. It sounds as though you are not asserting yourself strongly or confidently enough. Maybe your husband is purposely disobeying you to get a reaction, to make you react more strictly with him.

    If you are having problems, I suggest that when you are alone and have the time, get him to strip naked and put on his device, and come to kneel at your feet. Wear something that emphasises your femininity and that you know will arouse him.

    Then you can begin to address some of your issues. If you are embarrassed, it may help you to blindfold your husband so that he can listen but not see you. It may also be fun to tie his hands behind his back to reinforce your position of power over him.

    Once you have him, kneeling naked except for his device, bound and blindfolded, you can begin to tease him, get him so very aroused and on the edge so that he will agree to anything.

    Then you can start to address some of your issues. Make a list of rules that he must agree to abide if he wants to earn the right to be released from his device. One of these rules must be that he puts himself back in the device once you have finished with him. This doesn’t mean that he will be allowed to cum each time you let him out. I would make say 10 – 15 rules, keep them short and easy to remember. Read them to him. If one is that he must wear panties at all times unless you give him permission to change, put some on him while you are reading that rule. After you have read them all out, read each one again, making your hubby repeat it after you.

    When you are satisfied that he has repeated each one, tell him that in order to earn to be released from him device, he must learn each rule and be able to recite them back to you from memory. If he fails to learn them or breaks any rule then he will be kept locked and punished.

    I’m afraid that I can’t give you too much advice on spanking, how long or hard, because I have no experience here. I am guessing that as long as you space them out, and change the point of contact, you can administer more, only you can gauge your husband’s reaction and tell whether you think he has had enough.

    I wish Jane would insist that I wear a device and panties, and was willing to spank me, are you sure your husband is ”reluctant” or he just topping?

    Oh and hide his male underwear so that he needs your permission to use it in future.

  2. Princess,

    the suggestion of Ms. Angela is to have an initial lockup period of at least three months, but suggests 1year is best. This not only gets your husband use to living w/o the option of sexual pleasure, but allows you to learn to adapt to the change as well.



    P.S. I do recognize it sounds harsh, but it is her recommendation. I baulked at it at first, but can now see the wisdom in it. Take care.

  3. P.S.S- as far as doctor visits go, my primary care physician knows I wear a chastity device. It is on my chart. She doesn't care.

  4. I've been having the same issues with hubby. Though he obeys when asked to put it on, but at times I like him unlocked. The only dilemma is that he can't control himself from cumming of which he is not allowed.

  5. Princess,

    Other types of punishments may include: early bedtimes, corner time, naps for fussiness, ground him, install netnanny, take away some of his adultmale freedoms, put him on an allowance, don't allow your little sissy to watch anything violent or too aggressive on the TV and movies, sissies shouldn't drink beer....etc

    A sissy needs a daily beauty ritual such as bathing, shaving everything from the neck down and working hard to make himself more appealing to You.


  6. You can use a simple pair of handcuffs. Just lock 1 side (1 wrist) before you unlock his chastity, and after when you want him to put it back on, you will only remove the handcuff when he is back in his device. Sure he won't go to work with the handcuff on....