Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Panties!!!

Well our outing didn't go quite as planned.... hubby kind of froze when it came time to pick out his panties, so I had to give him a little bit of help. I wanted to just stand back and not even act like I was there but he was to much of a pussy. That's ok though, he'll get there.
I changed my mind a little bit about the lingerie, we went ahead and got him some stockings and a nightie along with his new panties. Seeing some other guys dressed from some your guys' blogs sort of helped me realize that I guess alot of people do it and it isn't "that" weird. Here are some pic's I took of him when we got back home.

I let him take his chastity off for a little while for a stretch and little bit of teasing. That was a mistake..... here I thought I was being nice letting him have a little "out" time and he all I kept hearing is please let me wank or please let me cum....blah blah blah. Sooo I said ok, I got my phone and set my timer and said ...WANK your little dick!! Ole you could see the excitement in his eyes, and just as he was getting good and hard and starting to enjoy it....beep beep beep my timer goes off....hehe. He says whats that? that was your 30 seconds to wank it, no cumming, stop and lock back up, hope you enjoyed it. I had planned to let him keep the lock off tonite and put it back on tomorrow morning but since he just HAD to have a little wank he gets to go ahead and lock back up now.  Poor little sissy, maybe next time he will learn when to shut up. All in all had a great fun teasing night, now its time for some zzzzzz's. I'll leave you with a few more pics, just to embarrass sissy.

I like this one, he kept leaking precum everywhere so I made him go put one of my pads on, so he doesn't leak all over my bed sheets tonite.

One last thing..... since sissy has been a little whiny bitch about wanting to "cum" and for freezing up when it came time to pick out his panties, I need some help coming up with a good punishment. I was thinking maybe when I do let him cum, to make him cum in his mouth or a glass and drink it, maybe a really hard black and blue spanking.....? I dont know... do you think corner time or butt plug in public, or ??? Help me out I need some fresh idea'  Thanks -P


  1. Ms. Princess,

    I do not know if you are up to it, but a traditional one is Tabasco.



  2. Ms. Princess- Wonderful! Well, sissy could have been a bigger (<ha!) help shopping, eh?
    I've frozen at times picking out lingerie. Sissy will do better in time. Love your choices and pics!
    Ooh, the 30-sec wank and the pad were awesome ideas!! We men-girls sure can be wussies! :)
    Punishments: I think holding a penny to the wall with nose, hand on head and panties at knees, would look pretty sweet! I little cum eating sure couldn't hurt either.
    Keep it up!! :D

  3. Princess,

    You should consider making sissy eat his cum every time he releases. I like Weave's suggestion but instead of a penny, put the gusset portion of your worn panties to his nose and make him hold it against the wall while you are pleasiring yourself. That will drive him wild and increase his frustration.

    Have fun,


  4. I think a return trip to the lingerie store is in order and sissy should be required to hand a note to the sales girl explaining why she is there. I have done this. It is great. And I have a sample note I can shere if you are interested. :-)


  5. All of the above lol

    Great pics, I particularly liked the one with your foot in it. Really shows off your hubbies predicament,and your feminine power to control him.

  6. hello Princess, I to am a sissy hubby. My wife has thrown out all my male underwear and now I only wear panties. Also I am kept in the CB 6000. 1 Thing we found was that the stocking would start to fall so now I wear garter belts with them. We have gone to the store to buy lingerie, in particular a maids outfit, I had to tell the sales girl it was for me. She got a nice laugh out of that. Spankings and cornertime are regular occurances in our house as she always like to see some color on my bottom at all times. Love your blog as I can relate to your husband

  7. Sexy post, you've given me a few more ideas for me to do to hubby thanks - think I'll be sending him shopping too with a penalty if he chickens out ;)

  8. I love your blog. Nice to see a woman in control !.

    Some ideas

    - Have sissy shave from the neck down.
    - Only allow sissy to cum through milking's. Massage his prostate through the use of a strap on. Collect sissy's milk in a bowl and have sissy drink it.
    - Force sissy to wear a butt plug daily.

  9. Princess,

    Your little hubby is obviously not mature enough to buy his own ladies panties. It seems he still needs You to buy his intimates...if that's the case You should buy him "training panties" and if he has a problem with leaking pre-cum then maybe he needs to be diapered for bed.