Monday, July 11, 2011

 Here is a few pictures from tonight. Being new at this, I still am unsure what to do. I am also very uncomfortable with my body. My locked hubby always praises me and tells me how good I look, but I don't see it at all. I guess that's why I had issues on starting this kind of lifestyle to began with. Being the woman in charge your suppose to feel really sexy right?? Because he tried sneaking out of the house yesturday with his underwear on, I made him go outside and make me a paddle when we got back home, so that when he disobeys again I can bust his cute little butt! The holes make for some pretty nice purple bruises too!! :)
A little bit of teasing before hand was fun too! He hated being locked up and couldn't do anything about it. He loves seeing me in lingerie as he usually used to get his way with me, but not this time. Was quite funny to see him begging to get out. Til next time -P


  1. Just found your blog - first post right now - and have to say, thanks!
    Well, I can see you ARE a sexy woman. You look lovely in these pics! :)
    Hubby is lucky. Except for that paddling part, lol! I've been paddled, but not with a "holed" paddle. Hmmm, may need to get one for Wife?
    The locking is hot... but I'd be afraid of Wife's control, LOL!
    Keep it up! New Follower...

  2. Princess

    Just wanted to say welcome to the blogosphere, and thanks for sharing your story. The pictures are great, you look fantastic, so don’t worry or be self-conscious.

    What I would really like to here from you is how your WLM started, what did you husband do right and what did he do wrong in trying to establish yours as a FLR. I guess you are still fairly new to all of this, but it would be really interesting to know, what reservations you had about this lifestyle and how you overcame them. Also what is your day-to-day relationship like with your husband.

    I hope you don’t mind me asking, but for any wannabe submissive husband, any guidance that helps him maybe understand how the mind of a woman works, and the issues that she may or may not have had is useful.


  3. Princess,

    Your husband is tremendously lucky to have you accept his gift of submission. He should show his appreciation through devoted service. Keeping him locked while flaunting your freedom is a gift you are giving him. Again, he should be thankful. I do wish to be cautious, as to not come across as telling you what to do, but I do have a suggestion for your consideration. Perhaps you should ask your husband to thank you for keeping him locked. It is a gift of dominance you are giving him and he should tell you how thankful he is for it. Anyway, that is my opinion.

    Also, a submissive husband should be thankful when punished and thank his wife for doing so. She had taken time to correct his poor behavior. This is an act requiring an expression of gratitude, IMHO.



  4. Hi Princess,

    Thanks so much for sharing, both your story of last night, plus your pictures.

    I hope you don't mind me saying so, but as a tomboy-bi-outspoken woman, I just can't help myself, so here goes:

    Princess, you got it goin on!

    I understand what it's like to feel self-conscious about your body. I recently lost a lot of weight, and I still struggle with this. I think it's just a girl thing! But - when it comes to your playtime with your sub hubby - please keep this in mind: in his eyes, you are ALL THAT (and a bag of chips)! Especially when you're playing...all he sees is "hot & sexy" - believe it...and feel it. Try to see yourself through his eyes, that might help. He sees you as hot, sexy, strong, in control, and powerful. If you can see through his eyes, you'll feel all that as well.

    If his adoration isn't enough - would mine help? (blush)


  5. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the kind words, they really help me feel better about myself.

    Weave- Why not get your wife a paddle for her to use when your naughty?? I bet she would love the gift, and I'm sure you would too, haha :)

    Subservient-Husband- That is diffidently a great idea, I really like that, it would kind of add a humilation factor to his mind set and just over all prove my dominance over him. I will have to put that into practice and if he forgets to so "thank you" or not show his gratitude, well.... that's more time his butt gets to see the new paddle!!! Thanks for the great idea!

    At All Times- I plan on doing a response to your question in an up coming post (I'd say it will be a long one) so I'll have to wait untill I have some alone time.

    The Blind- I got a big ole smile on my face when I read your comment, really made me feel like hey.. yes I am sexy and I can do this. It makes me feel so awesome to know that there really are people (not just my husband) that can say "your hot". I let my husband read your comment and he was like...oohhh thats hott, a Bi woman thinks your sexy, (made him a lil horny, lol) good thing he is locked..hehe.

    Thanks Everyone, -P

  6. Princess,

    Just wanted to take a moment to echo what those before me have already said. Welcome to blogging (I'm new myself and since I don't get to this this lifestyle much, still very inactive) and I am very excited to be able to follow your blog and read up about you and your sissy hubby.

    And yes, like those before me, I think you look fantastic. Of course it doesn't matter what I think. It only matters what you and your sissy think. But, I will say this. When I see somebody like you and how great you look, it reminds me of something. So many people in this world are beautiful, but they are just not comfortable with their own beauty. Perhaps you just all into that catergory. I'm sure in time you'll become more comfortable with who you are, and that's when you will know you are as hot and sexy and yous sissy hubby already does know!


  7. Hi there,
    wow! you shouldn't feel bad about your body, you look super sexy in your lingerie.
    Your sissy is a lucky man.
    I think it's great that you make him wear ladies panties, but not only when he goes out, you might try throwing away his mens pants until he has none left and has to wear ladies only.
    Yes i agree that he should thank you sincerely for any pain or pleasure you give him, even if you start to deny him masturbation and sex he needs to thank you, making him wear panties, get him to thank, when you paddle him, make him thank you !
    As a chastity device wearer myself, to lock him in chastity would give you even more control.
    good luck Princess.

  8. Princess- thank You for your comment. I've bought her one paddle already; maybe it's time for another!

  9. Welcome Princess and thanks for sharing with us via your new blog.

    I just have to echo what everyone else is saying regarding how you feel about your body. The picture of you in this post is fantastic! That outfit is incredibly cute and I know exactly why your husband gets excited seeing you this way. Well done.

    Have fun discovering new things together and thanks again for sharing.