Monday, July 11, 2011

Sorry I wasn't able to blog yesterday....had a BUSY day. Sissy tried to sneak out to go shopping in his UNDERWEAR, just so happened I checked before we walked out the door. So he got to go put on some nice pretty light pink panties with lace at the top so it would show at the top of his pants. Of course I dont think anyone saw but it was still fun knowing he had them on.
Any way here are some pic's I took last night of sissy... couple of him in his panties and of his chastity with my cute little pink heart property tag on it. As always comments and suggestions are welcomed. Thanks -P



  1. Princess,

    Thank your for your initiative to start a blog. I find them to be so helpful in my own journey with my wife in our WLM. I am interested in learning more about your husband wearing panties. What is the history and how has your acceptance evolved over time? What do you get out of it and why is it important to you that he wears panties?

    I am looking forward to your posts and wish you the best in your WLM.

    Take care,


  2. Hello Princess,
    Thank you for your post and your comment on my post! It sound like we are on this new adventure together and reading your blog will help me along the way. Good Start with the chastity and the panties. It's interesting that you wrote about this because my husband and I just celebrated our anniversary and had been denied for about 2 weeks. On the way to dinner my thought was to make him wear one of my female thongs. The problem is, I thought it but didn't pursue it! I wish I would have because that would have been something different and so out of character for me! Maybe next time! Looking forward to reading your blog!

  3. Shades,
    The panties actually started out as his idea during our intimate time, and I was actually very hesitant, but I went along with it to make him happy. Eventually I grew to like them on him quite well. So I started requesting that he wear them out some and it just grew from there. They kind of help "mark" my property so to speak along with the chastity. He still has a few pairs of his male underwear but I only allow him to wear those at places such as family get togethers and such. I have been debating on completely getting rid of them so he would have to be in panties 24/7 but I kind of feel sorry for him when he begs me not to make him wear them certain places. However with situations like last night where he already had panties on then tries to sneak off and change to underwear without my consent...well I didnt much approve of that...thus the lace top panties that show just a hint above the pants. I love how much more clingy and willing to keep me happy he his with the fear of being outed. All I would have to do is demand that he reach up to the top shelf to get something or bent over to the bottom shelf and everyone around would see my poor lil sissified -P

  4. Queen Suzy,
    You defintly should make him wear them out in public. I can almost gurantee that you will tell a diference from him being "comfortable" in his regular attire. Congratulations on your anniversary by the way. How long you been together? Me and my husband have been together 13 years and Im really excited about our "new" start on life.

  5. If you are into photos, how about with the two of you. Maybe him kneeling while you stand. My wife has a degree in photography and I have asked her for a photo shoot. I think puting the two of you into a photo shoot would help give him an image.

    Just an idea.

    Otherwise enjoy.

  6. I love You putting her on display at Mall in her panties as a suitable punishment. Very appropriate, LOL!
    I think a couple "quieter" areas of shopping Mall would be nice places for hubby to "show some lace" as you say. Maybe snap a quick pick or two? ;)
    Maybe you need to threaten he'd wear thin white pants with *patterned* panties underneath (visible pattern!) for a future infraction. :D
    The cock cage does give nice "VPL" eh?

  7. Hi Princess,
    I am Queen Suzy's subhub. I enjoy your blog and hope to hear more from you on your FLR journey. I am curious about your husband's chastity device. It looks like a "birdcage" and I am wondering how it works for you guys. I have a CB-6000 and Suzy doesn't like how hard it is when it is against her body. The material on the birdcage seems like it is more flexible and may solve this problem. I have seen a lot of mixed reviews on this type of device, men who like it and hate it. Wondering what your thoughts are on this? Perhaps Suzy might enjoy it more.


  8. Lovetosubmit - Hello and thanks for reading my blog, hopefully Ill have time to write an actual post tonite so check back. Yes his chastity is a birdlocked mini (glow in the dark). We tried the original sized birdlocked but when he was soft he could just slide right out. With the mini his nice and snug and not going any where. The silicone material grabs his penis and keeps it from being pulled out. We also tried the cb3000 and we both like the birdlocked mini both looks and security wise better than the cb3000 and original birdlocked. Hope that helps you, if not just ask again. Thanks -P